Monday, November 2, 2009

Roach Won't Allow Cotto To Use Mayweather Trick

“We will make sure that Cotto cannot use his weight to his advantage,” Roach told The Philippine Star.

Trainer Freddie Roach will not allow WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto to use the weight tactic of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Last Saturday in Las Vegas, Mayweather weighed 146-pounds for his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. The fight was agreed upon for a catch-weight of 144-pounds. At the late hour, the Marquez camp was informed that Mayweather was unable to make 144 and a deal was reached for the fight to move forward.

Marquez weighed four pounds less at the weigh-in. Nobody knows what Mayweather weighed on the night of the fight. He refused to step on the official scales in the back and refused to answer any and all questions regarding his weight. Some speculate that he may have been in the mid-150s.

Roach's prize pupil Manny Pacquiao faces Cotto at the catch-weight of 145-pounds on November 14. He will not allow Cotto to jump on the scales at any weight above the contracted limit of 145. Cotto is in a different position than Marquez. Mayweather was brining all of the money to the table and did whatever he pleased. Pacquiao is the one bringing most of the money to the table in his fight; giving himself the advantage to impose his authority on Cotto.

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